An email that "Diabetes can be cured"

Dr. Bill Quick Health Pro
  • I just received another unsolicited solicitation by e-mail. It reads as follows:


    "Diabetes can be cured. Please send this life-changing information to anyone you know who has diabetes. It may well be their gift of freedom.


    Live Online Diabetes 4-Hour Workshop Hosted by [name deleted], M.D. Sunday August 3rd from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm PST


    Register For:

    -In-depth discussion on the cause of dis-ease brought to you by a medical pioneer in reversing diabetes

    -Diabetes Q&A with [name deleted], M.D. ...YOU ask the question!

    -Medical guidance on simple ways of how you can begin to change your life through diet, herbal supplements, and lifestyle to feel what it's like to live the Culture of Life!

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:

    -Program details on the transformational 21-Day workshop at the [name deleted] Rejuvenation Center founded by [name deleted], M.D.

    -Self-empowerment to allow your body to begin the healing process through this gift of information and guidance


    BONUS: Sign up and receive eight videos of organic, vegan, live food recipes from chefs of the world-renowned [name deleted]. Learn from the pros how to make delicious healthy food in your very own kitchen!


    Price: $50 Invest in your health."


    So I looked up the good doctor. As best I can tell, he's a psychiatrist in Arizona. And according to the Arizona Medical Board's website, he's unlicensed. I guess to pitch vitamins, herbs, minerals, and life-style changes, one really doesn't need a medical license.


    But it's clearly a powerful message, and curing diabetes for only $50 sounds too good to be true. No, wait a minute, the four-hour online pitch and 8 videos is $50, and it looks like the main thing during the pitch will be a 21-day workshop.


    My advice: don't waste your money on this silliness. If anyone had a cure for diabetes, they wouldn't be hawking it with on-line pitches, videos, or workshops in Arizona. They'd be too busy getting ready to pick up their Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Published On: August 01, 2008