Coding Glucose Meters, Learning Diabetes' Ropes: A Comparison with Yoga

Ginger Vieira Health Guide
  • Okay, so this might sound ridiculous…especially considering I’m supposed to be the “expert,” but I didn’t know I was supposed to be coding my FreeStyle Flash glucose meter!


    I know. I know. DUH!


    I swear someone told me back when I started using FreeStyle that I didn’t have to code it! I swear someone told me this! And how did I realize I was wrong? No, it wasn’t because I actually read the manual (sheesh, who does that?). In fact, I was having dinner with two new friends whom I’d met while we were all counselors at a diabetes camp! They started talking about coding their meters as one of them opened a new box of test strips and I said something like, “What are you talking about? You don’t have to code those meters!”

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    And they literally looked at me like I had three arms and seven hands…(yes, I said seven hands).


    See, here’s my point: No matter how long you’ve had diabetes or how many diabetes books you’ve read or how many times you’ve been in the hospital, there is always more to learn. Whether it’s more tricks for blood sugar control, better methods of storing your meter and insulin, learning the benefits of different insulins, or the basic lesson on coding your freakin’ meter, there is always more to learn!


    It’s kind of like doing yoga actually. A yoga pose is mastered because there are always many, many more ways to change the pose, make it more challenging, make it work a different part of your body. You think you know all of the yoga poses, and you find out there are a whole lot more to learn!


    And one way to learning more about diabetes (aside from reading blogs on HealthCentral, of course), is to talk about diabetes with other people who have diabetes. Search them out! Make them your friends! Ask questions! And absolutely, there are plenty of diabetics who may not have a lot information to offer and may even have a few bad habits when it comes to their diabetes care (don’t learn those!), so keep your eyes peeled for the best advice—the good advice—and for goodness sake, code your meter!

Published On: June 05, 2007