A Diabetic on Fear and Reaching Goals

Ginger Vieira Health Guide
  • The idea of actually succeeding can be terrifying. To actually become the kind of person we dream about becoming? Often we say that we are afraid of failing, of taking the risk to reach our goals and never making it...but I believe there's much more to it than that.


    We are afraid of winning. Of succeeding. Of changing old habits and patterns into new habits that actually support us. We are afraid of changing into the person we want to be.


    The idea sounds so ridiculous: how could we be afraid of getting something we really want and becoming who we really want to become? But to fully reach our own potential, yes, that's scary. The responsibility of becoming that person who doesn't sit back and watch, but instead takes action and makes things happen -- that's scary.

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    If you dream about being someone who exercises daily, someone who makes exercise a priority in their life, the idea of actually BEING that person can be terrifying.


    Are you afraid of being someone who takes really good care of their blood sugar? Are you afraid of becoming someone who exercises every day? Are you afraid of becoming someone who eats well and has control of their choices? Are you afraid of being happy? Of being confident? Of feeling beautiful, strong, intelligent, and healthy?


    But what's the next step?


    Usually, I hear people ask me how they can "get rid of" their fear. How can they make it go away?


    But to feel fear is very human. And it's okay.


    I believe the focus instead should be on how to work THROUGH your fear. Talk yourself through that emotion so you don't stop dead in your tracks every time you feel afraid.


    Fear is not a bad thing. But if you allow it to hold you back, it will impact your life in a negative way. On the other hand, you can learn how to use fear to fuel you. Challenge your fear. Get through it. Get over it. Face it.


    I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, "Well you're not afraid of anything, so it's easy for you to take risks."


    I am afraid all the time! I'm afraid before every powerlifting competition, before every bench press and deadlift attempt. I am afraid before I begin anything new. Anything! I'm in the process of moving to Washington, DC and let me tell you, that scares me! That is huge change.


    But I've come to learn that some of the things I want most in life are often the scariest. When I feel that tinge of fear, I know I need to go after it, chase it, face it. And I've learned how to talk myself through that fear, and understand the way my brain thinks and the way I can get through that emotion. I've learned how to not only keep fear from holding me back, from also how to use fear to help me keep moving forward.


    How are your fears stopping you? What are you afraid of becoming? If you have goals you've always wanted to achieve, what's keeping you from taking action?

Published On: August 30, 2010