Eating for Diabetes over Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays

Ginger Vieira Health Guide

    Okay, so the Holidays are here. We all survived Thanksgiving. I spent mine with a friend's family (because my parents live across the country now) and I spent much of the time trying to both entertain and escape a swarm of young children.... But let me assure you, I had my share of Thanksgiving desserts and it was too much.


    Now Christmas is coming. And the thing about Christmas is that we don't seem to just celebrate it on Christmas Day the way we do with Thanksgiving. Christmas celebrations (and by celebrations I mean Christmas desserts and treats) start to appear weeks before Santa Clause comes to town.

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    The grocery stores are already parading trays of cookies adorned with red and green sprinkles. The candy aisles have begun to sneak out into the other aisles-piles and piles of Snickers bars covered in glittery snowflake and Christmas tree wrappers are everywhere. And I'm sure you've already received a couple Christmas Party invitations, too, asking you to bring a few cupcakes and some eggnog.


    Christmas is everywhere and Christmas in this country involves a lot how are you gonna handle it? How are you going to enjoy some of the holiday "sweetness" without overdoing it?


    See, I have it easy because I live in a studio apartment, so the only one who might be baking Christmas cookies is me...and I don't bake. But if you're living at home with a family, kids, and friendly festive neighbors, I'm sure the cookies aren't hard to find.


    First of all, if you really do plan on indulging more often during the holidays, I suggest you think about increasing your long-acting insulin dose or your basal rates, because, let's be honest, you're probably going to be eating more and your body is going to need some assistance.


    Secondly, if you are a regular gym-goer, don't stop now! Heck, go a little more often, go for a little longer-anything is better than nothing, but in this case, a little more might be really helpful.


    If you're one of those people who decides to go to the gym after they've gained ten pounds during the holidays, maybe it's time to start rethinking that approach and start hitting the gym now instead of later.


    And as for all those cookies, would it be helpful to have just a few every night? Or if your office has a constant supply of Christmas treats in the lunch room, what if you try to eat a smaller lunch if you really plan on having those cookies almost every day for the next three weeks?


    Of course, the obvious solution here is that we all shouldn't be indulging at all or very often...but we're human, and like humans, we like cookies. So just try to be sensible about it. Try to pay attention to just how much more food you're consuming. Count your carbs and make sure you're taking enough insulin to cover everything because the holidays are great, yes, but they tend to be a little too sweet, too.



Published On: November 27, 2007