Diabetes Camp Part 2: A Parent's Recap of Sending A Child To Camp

Kim Benjet Health Guide
  • In this installment, Kim Benjet writes about picking her son up from diabetes camp and how the week away from home changed him.

    Missing the child, not the diabetes

    I thought I would wonder more about what Josh’s blood sugar numbers were, whether or not he was running very high or having lows.   But I instead I feel like I’ve relinquished control in that area and instead of wondering about the numbers I find myself thinking about Josh.  Does he like camp? Did he try the high ropes course?  Has he made friends?  Does he like sleeping on the top bunk?  I’m glad I’m thinking about questions about him, not about the diabetes.  Thinking about this reminded me a poem about seeing the child not the diabetes in Renea Zosul’s lovely book Diabetes: An Emotional Journey.  This week of camp has reminded me how much I love the child and how much I want to clearly see and hear him, not through the fog diabetes can create between us.

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    Pick Up

    I’m glad I brought our puppy with me when I went to pick up Josh because she got to shower him in the kisses that I so wanted to give him.  One quick hug was all I was allowed to give.  Standing before me was a tanned, smiling boy who had packed up his belongings himself, not forgetting a thing.  He was joking and playing with the other boys and counselors and he was just fine.  As we checked out HE asked about registering for next year.

Published On: July 02, 2007