Testing Blood Sugar During Organized Sports

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  • Go Adam Morrison! NBA Charlotte Bobcats rookie player Adam Morrison put up a career-high 30 points against the Pacers New Year's Weekend. That’s a great night for any rookie. I’m particularly pleased to see the sports pages focusing only on his athletic prowess and accomplishments. Really who cares that he has Type 1 diabetes when he’s on the court?

    But, thank you Adam Morrison for so publicly discussing your diabetes routines and the fact that you frequently use a glucometer to check your blood sugar during the game. It’s great to be able to remind my 8 year old during his soccer games that Adam Morrison stops and checks when he plays in the NBA. Keeping numbers within range while playing a sport is both an art and a science. Morrison reportedly eats the same meal, at the same time on game days (steak and baked potatoes) and he tests his blood sugar at courtside frequently during a game.
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    I’m glad the sports press is telling Morrison’s athletic story. And, I’m very glad that Adam is open about his diabetes and that the diabetes press is picking up on this story. The American Diabetes Association February 2007 issue of Diabetes Forecast is the first issue my son has ever read and he read the article about Adam with such enthusiasm. He treated that issue like it was a Sports Illustrated. Oh, yes there have been some good articles about Morrison in that magazine too. (Grant Wahl, "Jewel of a Duel", Sports Illustrated, February 28, 2006; along with a 2003 article when Morrison played for Gonzaga) Morrison has also partnered with Life Scan to educate people about diabetes.

    Adam Morrison, you’re a great basketball player, and inspiration to kids with diabetes. Go Bobcats!

    P.S. If you want to read about Morrison and his diabetes check out the ADA’s February 2007 Diabetes Forecast. If you want to know his pro-basketball stats go to the NBA web site.

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Published On: January 04, 2007