8 Ways to Make Insulin Pump Use Easier & More Fun to Remember for Child & Adult

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    Oh the fashion of diabetes! Don’t let the pump detract from your outfit – accessorize!  Don’t strip off your clothing to give an injection, customize your attire!


    I know a stylish 7 year old with diabetes who bejeweled her glucometer and pricker (lancet) and uses all fabulously pink pump packs and cases.  She used cell phone “bling” to decorate.  Check out what she did.





    A mother and daughter sewed pockets on shorts and stretch pants to easily and accessibly hide the pump under skirts.  I’ve seen young diabetic woman in prom dresses and ball gowns covertly place their pumps in their bras or on the thigh with a garter like pump case.

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    Diabetes fashion is not for pumping alone.  My son and the school nurse loved the cargo pants that converted to shorts with the zippers just above the knee.  Unzipping the zipper gave easy access to a great injection site – the upper thigh. We also cut holes on the inside of some pants pockets to give good access for shots.  These same holes can also be used to thread pump tubing from the infusion site to the pump. 


    Boys I know would never go for the diabetes bling, but their pumps don’t stop them.  They stick them in pockets or pump cases around their waists and just play on.  A friend of mine and I just talked about trying to hide the pump for our sons - - - until we realized hiding or disguising the pump was the farthest thing for our boys’ minds.  Our issue, not theirs.   Maybe it’s a girl thing.


    I was impressed by our endocrinologist’s reasoning about getting girls on a pump before the pre-teen years.  She liked them to know and understand the benefits of pumping before body image and teen fashion pressure started to affect them.  For my seven year old friend the pump can be another accessory, a life saving one at that!


    The best pump wear comes from the ingenuity of children and their parents as they fit pumping into their lives.  There are a number of good sites with pump accessories.   Check out www.pumpwearinc.com – one of my absolutely favorite sites for pump wear.  My stylish seven year old friend and her family recommend  www.laurenshope.com for fashionable medical identification bracelets.


    Please feel free to comment and share your favorite diabetes fashion sites and other diabetes fashion secrets!

Published On: December 17, 2008