Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Accessorize Your Diabetes Insulin Pump With Groovy Patches

Good news: we convinced our daughter to try the insulin pump. As you know from my previous blogs, we had brought the horse to water but were having trouble getting her to drink. I had tried every rational argument possible with her, and she was... Read moreChevron

Diabetic Golfer Scott Verplank Gets Hole-in-Ones at Ryder Cup

Our favorite professional golfer with Type I, Scott Verplank, has made not one but TWO holes-in-one at the prestigious Ryder Cup competition in Ireland. He beat Padraig Harrington of Ireland, who plays for the European team. This is Verplank’s second time... Read moreChevron

Healthy Cook Books for Type 1 Kids and Diabetics

The Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook

(No author listed)

Annie’s favorite kids cookbook – all the recipes are... Read moreChevron

Starting a Child on an Insulin Pump

As most of you know, my daughter’s numbers have been high lately (we’ve had three HbA1C tests in a row that were 8-plus). As a family, we’ve switched to a low-glycemic index diet – I’ll save that for another blog – and are considering moving to an Read moreChevron

Talking to Your Child's Teacher About Managing Diabetes

Most other families don’t really talk to their child’s teacher until the first scheduled parent-teacher conference, which can take place anywhere from now until Thanksgiving. But with a child with diabetes, you need to meet with the teacher within the first few... Read moreChevron