How to Manage Diabetes in College

Mary Kate Cary Health Guide
  • My husband and I have often wondered what will happen when our 11 year-old daughter leaves for college – not just the usual worries about boys, stress, grades, beer, you name it – but about her diabetes care and specifically, her health insurance. Should she switch to a new practice near college, or come home for treatment every three months? Should she go on a student plan or stay on our health care plan? Won’t diabetes be considered a “pre-existing condition” and therefore not be covered?

    I’ve just come across the best-researched article on this subject I’ve ever seen. It’s from the May issue of Diabetes Health magazine, and you can click on the link below to read it. If you have a recent high school graduate, this will tell you everything you need to know. If you’re like us and have a few years to go, read it anyway – it will open your eyes to what your child will be facing.
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    The main thing that struck me – aside from the injustice of it all – is that there is a HUGE opportunity for a health insurance company to design a diabetes-friendly policy and market it to families of young people with Type I diabetes. If you know any insurance company executives, feel free to suggest this!

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Published On: July 24, 2006