Growth Hormones May Affect Your Diabetes Numbers

Mary Kate Cary Health Guide
  • We returned from Missouri with Annie’s numbers very high, so we went to see the endocrinologist. Of course, the minute we made the appointment, her numbers went back to normal, but we went anyway.

    It turns out we weren’t doing anything wrong – diet, exercise, new insulin in case it had gone bad, ketone tests -- the doctor agreed with it all. But then she figured it out: growth hormones. Annie had grown an inch in three months, and the growth hormones counteracted the insulin.

    We’ve changed her correction ratio and her carb/insulin ratios, but other than that, there isn’t much we can do. Her numbers had already started coming down, and now they’re almost normal again … until the next growth spurt. Yikes.
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    I promised you I’d let you know how traveling went with the insulin. It was absolutely no big deal. Read my next blog for the latest from the TSA …
Published On: August 30, 2006