Don't Lose Your Sense of Humor Over Diabetes Diagnosis

Kelly Kunik Health Guide
  • So with Diabetes you have choices- never let anyone tell you that you don’t.

    And by choice I mean attitude, and by attitude, I mean a good one or a not so great one.


    You can choose to be mad, which means that you’ll spend all your time being a major downer, and your blood sugar will most likely will be running on the high side.


    You can choose to be angry which is pretty similar to be mad- except it lasts longer. When a person is angry all the time, happiness eludes them. NO THANK YOU.


    You can choose to ignore your diabetes and might even think that by doing so, your diabetes will magically disappear- that of course, it won’t. Ignoring only proves that:

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    1. Your delusional
    2. B. You’re walking a fine line on the side of ignorance, which always =  being an idiot in the long run.
    3. Ignoring diabetes won’t make it go away. But it will do major damage to your health - both mentally and physically. Not to mention what it could do to your appendages.


    You can become obsessive compulsive about your Diabetes. Which will not only drive you nuts, but will also drive everyone else you come in contact with crazy as well. And while you may have the best A1C on the planet- you’ll probably be lonely, high strung, and miserable.


    With my diabetes (or Dia-beet-us if your from the Wilfred Brimley school of thought) I choose to go down a Tri-fecta road of laughter, knowledge, and ownership. Yes, there are moments I cry, (this is Diabetes, not baseball) and diabetes tears happen on occasion.


    And it turns out there’s crying in baseball to, especially if you’re a Phillies fan.


    But I still believe that if you can laugh at anything- including diabetes, you can learn. And if you can learn- then your in charge.


    I also think that if you spend all your time hating diabetes, it zaps your energy and gets the best of you. Personally, I don’t have the energy to waste.  I’d rather spend my energy on doing, learning, living, and laughing out loud from my gut.


    So when my pump tubing gets caught in a doorknob, or my blood sugars go to high or low for no real reason, I acknowledge the “pain in the ass” factor. I’ve even been known to utter the magical and fitting WTF? Phrase.


    And then I laugh.


    I laugh because getting my tubing caught on a doorknob would win me $10,000 on Americas Funniest Home Videos, if I could just commit that moment to film.


    I laugh because it really does make me feel better at the times when my blood sugars are behaving horribly.


    I laugh whenever a member of The Diabetes Police says something stupid, because it's easier and less painful than throwing a punch.


    I laugh because I’ve become a “Diabetes Savant” when it come carb counting  and bolus worthy foods. Seriously, Rain Man has nothing on me!


    And I laugh because by laughing at a moment or situation that could make me mad or angry,

    I own that situation, instead of that situation or moment owning me.


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    And the bottom line is I’d much rather own my Diabetes instead of my Diabetes owning me.


    So go ahead- Laugh loudly in diabetes face! A big "HA" from your gut-And then continue to learn and own your life with Diabetes!




Published On: November 16, 2009