I'm sorry Insulin

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  • I have noticed I gained a few pounds since I started using insulin in January. ¬†I would be the first to tell you that "Insulin caused me to gain weight." ¬†I swore up and down insulin was the cause of the 7lbs I gained from January to¬†August.


     I was completely wrong!! It was me the whole time.  


    I am sorry for blaming Insulin for the few extra pounds I gained. I took advantage of the "Freedom", I abused my Insulin use. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and thought it was Insulin! Until, one day it hit me...lol the more carbs you eat the more weight you'll gain (duh) which requires more insulin. It's not Insulin, it's me and the amount of carbs I eat.   It was a little different when I was taking oral medication. I was a lot more disciplined I ate low carb meals at all times and it showed on my A1C's...gosh I long to get back to 5.6.  I didn't have the option to bolus for meals with pills, in my head I knew I better not eat a high carb meal because there wasn't away to bring my numbers down. Please forgive me for accusing Insulin of my wrong doing! I promise not to abuse the CARB freedom that Insulin allows you to have. The food is GREAT but the consequences in the end isn't worth it. 



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Published On: December 03, 2008