Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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The Right Amount of Sleep to Avoid Diabetes

We have the least risk of getting type 2 diabetes when we get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, according to a new study. Many Americans get less than that amount, and it’s not hard to accept that we need that much. But what is hard for me to accept is their finding that more than 8 hours of sleep is as bad for us as getting too little... Read moreChevron

The Important Role Sleep Plays in Diabetes

The past few day have seen a spate of articles about sleep, particularly as it affects those of us who have diabetes. It’s about time! In fact, several... Read moreChevron

The New Diabetes Breakfast

My usual breakfast has changed because of my new diet. But it’s better for me than the smoked salmon that I ate before as well as being even tastier.

More than seven years ago when I... Read moreChevron

Belonging to Our Culture: Diabetes Support Groups

Once we have diabetes we are even more isolated from our culture than most people. This makes finding a solution more difficult for us, but we have a way out.


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The Breakdown of Mainstream Culture and the Rise of Diabetes

The real cause of the diabetes epidemic in the Western world may be separation from our cultural roots. The evidence is in plain sight, but generally ignored.


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