Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Best Vitamin D Choices for Diabetes

Scientists and doctors have begun to recognize that almost all of us need to get more vitamin D. Those of us who have diabetes often have very low levels of vitamin D in our systems.   The experts still haven’t decided on precisely how much vitamin D we need or the best ways to get it. But two massive new studies have shed much... Read moreChevron

Managing Diabetes with a Strange Fat

Of the four major types of fat that we eat, polyunsaturated fat is the strangest. But it’s the type that those of us who have diabetes most need to take time to understand. Wayne Shows a Sockeye Salmon He Caught Last week I reviewed a huge -- and hugely important -- new study that vindicated saturated fat. That study, “Saturated... Read moreChevron

Saturated Fat is Back for People with Diabetes

A fundamental pillar of misguided medical dogma fell last week. A massive study has just exposed the belief that saturated fat, the type of fat in dairy products and meat, causes heart disease. It doesn’t.   But for almost 60 years this fear of saturated fat, unsupported by any good science, has stopped the safest and most effective... Read moreChevron

Sleep More, Weigh Less for Diabetes Control

The twin epidemics of diabetes and obesity might be connected with our increasing sleep deprivation. But how?   A professor at UC San Diego’s School of Medicine and her colleagues determined to find if they might be related. Ruth Patterson, Ph.D., led a unique study that just came out and finally offered some tested answers.... Read moreChevron

Diabetes Help on the Internet

Recently a fellow passenger asked me what I missed most about home. We were on a small ship and were out of contact with the rest of the world. I realized that besides missing my friends and my usual food and drink, being able to use the Internet was what I wanted most. In fact, just as my shipmate asked that question, a devastating rainstorm... Read moreChevron