Sunday, February 01, 2015

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Fructose Fuels Type 2 Diabetes

Reducing how much fructose you eat may be the best way to start managing your diabetes if your blood sugar levels are higher than you would like them to be. But don’t give up fruit.


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Diabetes Scams and How to Foil Them

If you wanted to make a lot of money fast and weren’t limited by any ethics like honesty, I can’t think of any better target than those of us who have diabetes. I don’t think that we are any more gullible than other people. But we have all the characteristics that scammers value the... Read moreChevron

New Diabetes Test Sites That Work

The usual problem with using one of our fingertips to check our blood sugar is that it hurts. Our fingertips need to have lots of nerve endings because we use our fingers as fine sensing devices.

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Journaling for Our Diabetes Health

A couple of years ago I wrote here about how keeping a journal of positive things in our lives can make those of us who have diabetes happier. But writing down the worst things that we experience might help even more.


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Vegetarian and Low-Carb Diets for Diabetes

About a month ago I became a vegetarian. But I am staying with the very low-carb diet that I began in 2007. It makes it possible for me to manage my blood sugar levels and my weight. My motivation for further restricting the variety of foods that I eat was an ethical... Read moreChevron