Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Diabetes and Hypothyroidism: Partners in Ill Health

What’s wrong with you if you have diabetes along with mood fluctuations, if you are anxious, if you often get angry, and if you have a poor memory? Are you just a bad person?


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How Often Should People with Diabetes Check Their A1C?

A new study concludes that people who have diabetes should check their blood glucose level with A1C tests more often than the experts recommend. But even then the study doesn’t go far enough.

The study looked at more than 400,000 tests by about 80,000 people whose doctors prescribed them between 2008 and 2011. It focused on the... Read moreChevron

Snacking with Diabetes

A new snack food is now available that is healthy and low carb as well as being tasty. It meets all the criteria that people with diabetes need to consider when we put something in our mouths.

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Drink Camel Milk for Diabetes Control

Camel milk has a great taste. But that’s not why Americans are beginning to drink it. 


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Easy and Accurate Diabetes Monitoring at Home Is Available

The A1CNow device is the easiest and most accurate way for those of us who have diabetes to check our key blood glucose level at home. But it still has spotty availability.  
Chex Diagnostics, formerly known at Polymer Technology Systems, started shipping it six months ago after the company had purchased the A1CNow... Read moreChevron