Monday, August 31, 2015

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The Dangerous Interactions Your Prescription Drugs Can Have

How many drugs are you taking today? How many of them are for your diabetes?


It’s easy to forget to consider some of the drugs that you take. Of course you included your prescriptions, but did you remember to include those that you buy over the counter? Also, some people don’t realize that Read moreChevron

The Innovative Diabetes Video Portal You Didn't Know You Needed

When you look for high-quality videos about diabetes health topics, it’s frustrating and often unsuccessful. Yet finding the right information at the right time is critical to staying in control of your health.


A friend of mine with deep ties to the diabetes community, Dr. Dirk Boecker, is developing a new medical... Read moreChevron

Does Your Diabetes Diagnosis Scare You?

If a doctor told you recently that you have diabetes, you may be frightened out of your wits. That’s not a pleasant feeling, but it’s better than the alternative.


“My numbers are 6.1,” a friend, Tina, wrote me recently. “Where should I start? I’m so... Read moreChevron

The One Bad Fat You Must Avoid

Just a few years ago we were calling trans fat the worst fat, as I wrote in 2002 at “New Label for Worst Fat” for Diabetes Wellness News. But now we know that it is the only bad fat, because saturated fat is off the... Read moreChevron

How You Can Avoid the Pain of Checking Your Blood Sugar

The only pain that diabetes regularly causes comes when we draw a drop of blood from one of our fingers. Some people don’t even check their blood sugar because they have needle phobia.


Injecting insulin or one of the Read moreChevron