Monday, July 27, 2015

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How Spending Too Much Time Alone Can Hurt Your Health

Nurturing our social relationships is as important for our health as our physical activity, our weight, and the other well-known risk factors. For those of us who have diabetes, managing our blood sugar has to come first, but nothing else seems to matter as much as having a healthy... Read moreChevron

Recently Diagnosed With Diabetes?: The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

When you got the news that you have diabetes, it was probably during a brief visit with your doctor. If you were lucky, he or she may have told you the most important things that you will have to do to manage it well.


But you were probably in shock, and nobody could blame you for missing what your doctor said. You need to... Read moreChevron

The Secret Carb that Doesn't Spike Your Blood Sugar

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could eat tasty meals that are high in carbohydrates without driving our blood sugar through the roof?


In fact, even those of us who have diabetes can do this. 


Anyone who has had diabetes for some time knows that when we chow down on carbs our blood sugar... Read moreChevron

Manage Your Blood Sugar Better with the Insulin Index

The Insulin Index is broader than the Glycemic Index, which shows the effect of carbohydrates in our blood sugar. The newer Insulin Index takes into account not just carbohydrate but also of all the dietary factors and their interactions that influence insulin demand.


Most of the current research on the Glycemic Index and... Read moreChevron

Weekly vs. Daily Weigh Ins: What’s More Effective?

Do you really believe the myth that you can manage your weight better when you step on the scales once a week instead of every morning?


Sadly, most of the so-called experts tell us that it’s a mistake to weigh daily. “In most instances, weighing yourself every day is unnecessary and unhealthy,” is... Read moreChevron