Thursday, October 08, 2015

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The Highest Ranked Blood Glucose Meter Is...

Americans who have diabetes are happiest with the line of blood glucose meters that Roche Diagnostics makes, according to a scientific survey released today. Abbott Laboratories came in second, Bayer came in third, and LifeScan was... Read moreChevron

What is the Best A1C Level?

Most of us living with diabetes as well as the doctors who treat us have always assumed that lower blood glucose levels would protect us better from the complications of diabetes. In the past two decades several studies showed a linear relationship between blood glucose, as measured by A1C levels, and worsened health.


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High Blood Glucose Can Lead to Dementia

One of the largest studies of the connection between diabetes and dementia has just confirmed what we have suspected for several years. There isn’t one.


BUT high blood glucose levels are connected to dementia, according to a new study of 353,214 people with type 2 diabetes. Researchers reported that people... Read moreChevron

Are You Shaking Your Insulin Pen Properly?

If you manage your diabetes with one of the intermediate acting insulins, its variability from day to day might alarm you. Maybe you aren’t mixing it well enough.


This type of insulin takes one to three hours to start working and lasts for 12 to 16 hours. Its generic name is NPH; Novo Nordisk sells it as Novolin N and... Read moreChevron

Do Pesticides Cause Diabetes?

The pesticides in our food may explain why some of us have diabetes, a new study suggests. But it’s probably not too late to switch to eating organic food, which has much less pesticide residue in it than conventionally grown food does.


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