Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Manage Your Diabetes with Diabetes University

Ever since 1969 when Richard K. Bernstein became the first person with diabetes to use a blood glucose meter and discover the huge impact that carbohydrates have on our blood sugar, he has been committed to helping the rest of us manage our diabetes. He has helped thousands of patients who have diabetes, written nine books and more than 100... Read moreChevron

When Remission Is Better Than a Cure for Diabetes

If we had a cure for diabetes, we would be so happy. 


No more needles or pills! We wouldn’t have to consider how every tasty morsel we put in our mouths would raise our blood sugar or remember to exercise even when we would rather sit on our easy chairs. We wouldn’t have to do regular... Read moreChevron

Hunger Is Not the Enemy of Diabetes

Hunger can be a big problem when we try to lose weight. But some weight loss strategies cause less hunger than others, and we can actually use whatever hunger we have to work for us when we decide to eat less.


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Painless Lancing for Diabetes

The only painless way for us to check our blood sugar level, the Genteel lancing device, is on sale. But it’s only for readers of this article and your friends and family and only through this Friday, December 5. 


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Are You Thankful for Diabetes?

If you aren’t suffering from a complication of diabetes, you actually have every reason to be thankful that you have this dreaded disease. Even if you already have some complications, you can reverse most of them.


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