Maintaining Weight

David Mendosa Health Guide
  • A friend asks me how I am going to keep off the weight now that I've reached my goal of a body-mass index (BMI) of 23. It's a tough question.

    I wonder if I can hold my weight steady, especially if and when I stop taking Byetta or one of the other GLP-1 mimetics that certainly will be coming. Most people don't maintain weight loss.

    Since Byetta has a huge impact on my appetite, I will keep careful watch on my appetite, if and when I no longer use it. My friend wonders what would happen if I took it every other day. I do too, but so far I make sure to take it twice a day.

    All I can think of is to weigh myself daily and take corrective action immediately when my weight gets out of range. Also to watch (if not actually count) my daily calories in. And keep on hiking to keep my metabolism up.
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    I would very much like to hear any suggestions that any of you have.
Published On: July 26, 2007