The Smallest Meter in its Class

David Mendosa Health Guide
  • The smallest blood glucose meter can make the biggest splash. That was part of the strategy that the French multinational pharmaceutical company followed when it jumped into the U.S. meter market. Sanofi‚Äôs headquarters are in Paris, and it is the third largest pharma company in the world. Its L...

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Published On: May 09, 2012
  • Anonymous
    Lynne S
    Jun. 03, 2012
    I bought one of these in the U K in Pril shortly after being told I had T2. It works well and the small size is great. You can create custom comments and the data outputs are smart. Thanks for all the background info, David!
  • TechnoMom
    Jun. 02, 2012

    Now that I know that it's possible to use it without being connected to an iOS device, I'm much more interested. Do you know if it's also iPad compatible?


    Thanks :-)


    • David Mendosa
      Health Guide
      Jun. 02, 2012

      Dear Cyn,


      What a great question! Since I have an iPod Touch, I didn't even bother checking to see if it works with my iPad. But it sure does!



    • TechnoMom
      Jun. 02, 2012

      Thanks for checking!