New Years Weight Loss Resolution for Diabetics

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  • At this time of year the thoughts of most people turn to making resolutions to change. For people with diabetes these resolutions are often that we will lose weight in the year ahead. Almost all of us -- myself included -- put on a few pounds during the holiday season.


    And now for our reading pleasure comes along The New Yorker in its January 5, 2009, issue. The issue's best article is one by Amy Ozols who writes for the TV show "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."  We couldn't do worse than to follow her  nine-step program for "Looking Your Best."

    Of course, The New Yorker is an extremely liberal magazine or it wouldn't publish such extreme advice. But just remember that extremism in the pursuit of weight loss is no vice. While this is not exactly how the mainstream press quoted Barry Goldwater in the heat of the 1964 presidential campaign, that was years ago.

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    Before Resolving


    Also remember the dictum attributed to Aristotle counseling "moderation in all things except weight loss." While unfortunately that's not exactly the way it came down to us through the centuries, it's possible that a fragment of the original Greek may have been lost in translation.

    Please give the New Yorker article your due consideration. And enjoy the New Year, no matter what you resolve or achieve!

    After Resolving



Published On: December 31, 2008