Diabetes Supplies Needed For Tornado Torn Alabama

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  • Yesterday, I received an email message from a diabetes-related Yahoo Group that I belong to with a plea to send diabetes supplies to storm-ravaged, and recovering, Alabama.


    With the Mississippi River flooding being top of mind of late, the twisters that barreled through the South in late April seem a memory. Sitting in my unscathed Northern Virginia suburb and conducting internet searches to further research the storms' activities, the articles and videos that detailed the damage were almost incomprehensible. Just watching a clip of a half-mile wide tornado rip through Tuscaloosa renders one wordless.

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    According to Huntsville, Alabama-based journalist and diabetes blogger Victoria Cumbow on her Dia-beat-this blog, ten percent of the Alabama population manages some form of diabetes. With much of the infrastructure obliterated (from communications backbone for cell phones and internet to the power grid to refrigerate), many of those with diabetes cannot get access to the supplies they need. Some of the short-term needs have been met, but as the focus moves away from this disaster, locals without diabetes supplies are left in dire need.


    The Details

    Essentially, any diabetes supplies are needed, including:

    • Insulin (all types)
    • Testing: meters, batteries, test strips and lancets
    • Pumps: all supplies, including batteries
    • Syringes
    • Glucose tablets
    • Glucagon
    • Ketone strips
    • Alcohol wipes

    Remember: Ensure that supplies have not been opened and are not yet expired. Furthermore, remove all personal labels from packaging.  If you do send insulin, package it as needed.


    If you have any of these extra supplies on hand, or know of someone who does, then please consider sending them to:


    Huntsville JDRF Office

    Attn: Victoria Cumbow and Karen Morris

    2225 Drake Avenue,

    Office 17,

    Suite K

    Huntsville, Alabama 35805

    Mark the box as D-Supplies for Tornado Relief


    If you would like to make a cash donation, you may do so to the local Alabama Red Cross at this address: 1101 Washington Street, Huntsville, AL 35801or donate $10 to relief efforts by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999.



    But, as I mentioned above,  another U.S. disaster is looming: the flooding of the Mississippi. This, too, promises unfathomable damage that will be followed by immense need, including a need for diabetes supplies. 


Published On: May 17, 2011