Hard work pays off

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  • I am pretty new to this community at Health Central but, if you know me from outside of this site you know that I have been struggling with my diabetes management for quite some time. If you don't know, now you know!


    For pretty much the past year I have been on a quest for a lower a1c. It has not been an easy one, I can tell you that much. I joined a gym last September and even hired a personal  trainer. (Well that was because I was getting married, but that is besides the point, and it helped me along my quest too.) I changed my diet about a gazillion times, First buying the book the LOW GI Diet Revolution in December which gave me food choices that I haven't had before which were much better for my blood sugars. It seemed to be working well for me, my blood sugars were more in range during the day but I was still very high at night and into the morning.

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    Another factor were the lows and rebounding highs after gym work outs.  Frustrating was not even the word. I changed my diet once again. This time I would eat the same thing every day at the same time. But, 6 times a day. I started seeing a difference in my blood sugars right away. Gym workouts were still a challenge. The lows were draining me. I started having dinner right before the gym, and also setting up three temporary basals with my insulin pump a 50% basal 1 hour before, 0% during and 50% right after I finished working out as per my CDE (always consult with your diabetes team before making adjustments.) She said that it would help. So, I did it. The first couple of days I had to actually remember to do the temporary basal an hour before because you have to do it manually. And I would forget...A LOT! But, I had to get myself straightened out. So, I tried my best to remember. On the days I remembered it worked perfectly. Don't get me wrong I still get lows that I can't figure out. Even with the temp basals. I just deal with them now and make sure that I am prepared at the gym. Bringing all my fast acting glucose and the whole sha-bang in my gym bag.


    I got my A1c done in March right before my wedding.




    I thought it would be lower. Although the one before this was 9.1 There was a drop but, still not good enough. I am striving for 6.5


    I really wanted to pull out my hair when I got my A1c done in March it was only 8.3, I was working so hard. I guess I would leave my hair in a little while longer, and work harder.

    In June, I saw my endo and kept up with the CDE over the phone and email. I sent my blood sugar logs to the diabetes center every Friday (they have my phone number basically on speed dial now). We just kept fine tuning, and tuning and tuning. My numbers on paper weren't looking too shabby this whole summer. I wanted to hold off my A1c till September though.


    They asked me if I wanted to put on a Continuous Glucose Monitor for a week to see trends. So, I said sure. I got hooked up on a Monday and went back that same Friday to see the results. WOW, the data was amazing. We made some adjustments, and I was on my merry way.

  • I was really starting to feel good. Logging in my numbers every day, tracking my daily routines, I was getting back in better control.

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    After the adjustments we made my CDE wanted me to come back in July to put the CGM back on again to see if what we did was working. So, back I went and got hooked up for the second time for a week.


    This time when I went back on that Friday, I saw the CDE and the Nutrionist. The CDE first. The adjustments worked! YES! They needed a little more fine tuning though because I was still running high after dinner until bed time and also running high in the morning. My two problem areas. She tweaked my basals and I was over to the next room to see the nutritionist.


    I expressed to her what was going on. That I work out at least 4 times a week. Eat pretty healthy foods but... I see no results. I can't lose weight and my blood sugars are still messy.

    She took my height and weight and did some crazy quick calculations on her calculator.


    2200 calories. Excuse me? You are consuming 2200 calories a day. She told me it was  too much. I said but, I am not eating bad foods, I am exercising. I don't understand. She said it probably is the fat and the calories in the things  I am eating. I never had to really count the fat before. I learned that a handful of my favorite almonds 45 calories FOR 6 of them. Umm.. I  can eat 66 in a really BIG handful haha. We figured out a calorie count for me 1600-1700 calories a day 30-45 carbs at each meal, 1-2 fats at each meal and 3 oz protein at lunch and 4oz protein at dinner. Thank you. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A 4oz piece of meat? I told her I am gonna be HUNGRY! LOL

    I want to eat healthy, I want a lower A1C so I have been doing it everyday since mid August.

    My hard work FINALLY paid off, I had my blood work done this week....DRUM ROLL PLEASE......




    My endo called me to tell me this morning, and it just happens to be my birthday! I told him you just gave me the best present ever. He started laughing. I got off the phone with the endo and ran upstairs to tell my mom. She was on the phone (I didn't really care), I screamed YOU AREN'T GONNA BELIEVE THIS!!! She looked at me. What? I hugged her first (she was still on the phone btw) My A1c, My A1c, IT'S 7.4!!!!!

    She was happy, see I told you, you can do it.


    I have cried, I have screamed, I have even given up a couple of times. But, I worked at it. Even when I was tired of doing it. I did it.


    My hard work finally paid off. And I am ready to climb the highest mountain and tell everyone!! You can do it! It is a lot of work but, you CAN get your A1c down. Keep in contact with your team regularly it's worth it in the end results.


    See you at 6.5!

Published On: September 12, 2008