Diabetes Can Feel Isolating

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • Tonight on the  train home from work a kid about 12 or 13 yrs old and his mom went to sit down next to me. The kid was in a wheel chair. His mom was helping him get to his seat. I was about to help them with the wheel chair, but the mom had it under control. At first I did not notice the child's face because his back was to me, I then saw  that both his hands were all wrapped up in bandages and his face and neck were as though they were burnt. He could hardly get up out of the wheel chair to sit down. 


    He sat down and his mother next to him, he looked at me and I gave him a smile. He smiled back. But, I could tell he was sad. I sit with the same people at night on the train home every night. They were talking amongst themselves but, all I could think about was what happend to this kid? I overheard the child and his mom talking. He turned to his mom and told her that he loved her, and his next words were. "I wish I could just be normal." his mom replied, "you are normal." At that point I wanted to tell him he was normal too. I had no idea what happened to him but, my heart went out to him.

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    I used to think I wasn't normal because I had diabetes. I felt like everyone would stare at me when I took a shot or tested my blood if I was out in public. I would wonder what they were thinking about me. I know diabetes is not visible disease, but you still think that you are not normal sometimes. What is normal, anyway?


    Now here is a kid with a clearly visible condition, I can't even imagine what he is feeling. Everyone staring at him wondering what happened. I did not judge him, but I am sure that some of his friends will because he looks different. Kids can be so cruel. I hope that he does not have to endure that one bit. We live in a society where appearances mean more than what is on the inside, that is so sad. 


    Hey, kid. I don't know what normal is but, I know this... I can relate to what you are feeling inside. You are beautiful no matter how you look.


    Keep smiling, keep fighting.

Published On: September 16, 2008