Educating Co-Workers About Diabetes

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  • When I was first diagnosed with the Big D in 2000 I just turned 25, so I was not exactly a juvenile, and had to go back to work the week after coming out of the hospital. Everyone had known what happened to me (which I was not happy about) and I had to re-adjust myself to a work day. I started out on shots and eating at certain times during a deadline was very difficult. 

    But, dealing with deadlines was was nothing compared to everyone at work that thought they knew about diabetes, and wanted to know everything about diabetes. You can eat that? You can't eat that. You should eat this, You should eat that. Should you eat that? Do you take shots? Do you check your blood? Do you take pills. Type 1 is really bad. You get diabetes from eating too much sugar. 

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    Are these people for real?

    Everything I did, or put in my mouth I was being criticized for. I started not wanting to go to work. The thing is it the same old story at every job. The Diabetes Police are everywhere you turn. As soon as someone knows that you have diabetes, the Police are waiting for you.

    For me the worst are the people with diabetes, that have Type 2. They are always telling me OH MY GOD, how can you eat that? You should'nt be eating cake! I have to always tell them that Type 1 and 2 are different and explain how the pump works and that I eat everything in moderation, count my carbs...bla bla bla... 


    It gets very exhausting. I think I have the patience of a Saint.


    Sometimes, I really want to scream, and shake people and tell to go take a diabetes education class.

    Seriously, I want to tell them to LEAVE ME THE H*LL ALONE. (I don't of course) I have gotten really nasty and into some major arguments with people before. (that is the Sicilian in me) It isn't the best way to handle it but, at the time it seemed right lol.


    Over the years I have learned How to Handle the Diabetes Police at Work. You don't want to fight with co-workers. Play nice! 


    Here are some tips that may help you get through the day:


    1. Patience

    2. Patience

    3. Breathe

    4. Explain, very nicely that you appreciate their concern but, you know how to handle your daily diabetes management. (Remember to always give a cute smile at the end, that always works for me!)

    5. For people that are very persistent and let me put this lightly...ANNOYING Recommend the book by William Polonsky, Diabetes Burnout: What To Do When You Can't Take it Anymore refer them to the chapter on THE DIABETES POLICE or you can print it out and stick it on their desk. I have done this before. 

    6. Don't lose your cool, if you start to feel like you are, tell them you have to go to the bathroom or for a coffee. Cool off and then go back to your desk. 


    Hopefully, some of my tips will help you. If you have any that you want to share please feel free to to add them in the comments section of this post! haha


    Lets lock up the Diabetes Police. LOL




Published On: September 21, 2008