Diabetes: Experiencing Low Blood Sugar on the Way to Work

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  • I woke up today and felt more thirsty than usual. I checked my blood sugar and I was ouch...




    It is probably because last night while watching TV with the hubby, we had some beer and snacks and it was a nice rebounding high from all the junk we ate. Even though they were 100 calorie packs haha!


    Anyway, I take the Long Island Railroad to get to Penn Station and from there I take two subways. After getting off the LIRR and walking through a sea of people I turn to my husband and tell him that "I feel dizzy a little bit." He looked at me and asked if I was ok and I told him yea I think. I proceeded to the Subway and got on the first one. We take the trains to the same place. I got off of the first subway and walked halfway to the next when I really started feeling dizzy and seeing spots.

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    I knew right then, my blood sugar was low. We got to the second subway and I pulled out my blood machine right in the middle of morning rush hour. As I waited for the commuters to get off the train, I also waited to see what my blood sugar was as well.













    50! Ugh.


    We got on the subway and I got a seat. So I pulled out a fast acting glucose drink and my hubby opened it for me because my hands were shaking like crazy. I only had to go one stop. So, it wasn't enough time to get my blood up. I started panicking a bit. Because I had to walk again, it was so hard for me to push myself up from the seat. I wanted to actually lie down on the seat. It was like picking up dead weight.


    I grabbed on to my husband, and we started the trek to our jobs. At this point, my legs were shaking also and I felt so weak. We walked through another sea of people, through the turnstyles, up an escalator and almost out the door from Grand Central, and I just stopped. I couldn't move another step. I was so close to work too. Only had to cross the street.


    I told my husband, that I just needed to take a break. He waited with me. I chugged another glucose drink because I knew that I was still dropping from walking and that the other drink didn't work. We waited a little while and then proceeded once again. He walked me to my building to make sure I got in and we gave a kiss and parted.


    I have no idea what I would have done if he wasn't there. The whole time I felt like crying. The only reason I didn't was because I wasn't alone. Thank goodness!


    Just another day in the life of a person with diabetes.



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Published On: October 06, 2008