Dealing With Insurance Mishaps

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  • The other day my husband and I were going through our bills and mail like any other Saturday. He gets his mail at his Dad's house still until we get a place of our own I guess it is just easier. Anyway, he opened a letter from Aetna and turns and says to me ummm babe I think  you have to fill this out. I looked at it and it is dated from SEPTEMBER so now I am reading it and it was a letter stating that I needed to fill out the attached form for pre-certification for my insurance coverage under my husbands policy. ::breathe:: 


    I am now mad because he never opens mail from Aetna. So, I get snippy and tell him that this is important and how can he not open his mail. Blah blah blah yell yell yell... Anyway I fill out the forms and make him take them with him on Monday. He faxes them and gets a call from Aetna. 

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    They told him that my company that laid me off in August off did not terminate my coverage. Now I have a conflict and my claims for October will be rejected until I get this taken care of. OK, WTF? Now, I panic.


    It is in my nature to first get pissed, then panic and then call. I can't deal with my husband reciting what Aetna tells him I need to be in control of the situation. He gives me the number yadda yadda. I get them on the phone and they tell me the same thing. YOUR COVERAGE IS NOT TERMINATED from your previous employer. I get really pissed now even though I know it is not Aetna's fault I am mad at them, and my previous employer. lol. 


    So, I call human resources at my old job. Tell them what Aetna said. She tells me that I am terminated from the company. Yea thank you I know. But, you have to terminate my coverage.  She tells me she needs to call me back. ::Theme song to Jeopardy, playing in my head:: Phone rings, I answer. Its th old HR person. You are terminated. Oh, thank you. I hang up thinking everything is honky dory. 


    Next day comes. (meaning Tuesday) My husband calls me and tells me Aetna called. You are not terminated. ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME. No babe I am not, he answers. 


    I call up old job. NOT ONE PERSON IN HR answers. NOW I AM PISSEDDDD. My boss at my current job hears me and comes over. She used to work at my old job. She actually called my old employer to see if she can get someone in HR and she can't either. So she asks for the president of the company. I was hysterical laughing. She gets his secretary and tells her that she is me and that how I need to speak to someone in HR and tells her what is going on. She hangs up and not even 2 minutes later. The phone rang at my desk with the Director of Human Resources. She is taking care of it personally. 


    So lets see what happens when I get to work tomorrow. 


    ::terminator voice:: You have been terminated. 


    Moral of this story... open all mail under husbands name lol



Published On: October 21, 2008