Perseverance Pays Off: Insurance and Continuous Glucose Monitors

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  • Today, I got up feeling well rested from a good nights sleep (very rare). Did my daily morning ritual. Changed my infusion set and off to work. I took a nice long nap on the Long Island Railroad with hubby on my side. Literally. He was leaning on my shoulder. ha


    Anyway, we went to the subway and of course it was totally crowded with people. I was smooshed like a sandwich between two 6'4 men. The subway was ready to go when there was a loud bang, it jerked the whole train and everyone went flying forward. Except for me because I stuck like a stuffed sausage between those men. I guess sometimes a nice crowded NYC subway can save you from falling on your face. 

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    Anyway, I got to work and the first thing I did was call Aetna because of my little conflict which I blogged about yesterday.  I am now terminated under my old insurance.


    While I had the lady on the phone I her about my CGM appeal she looked it up and couldn't find anything on it so she had to ask her supervisor and call me back. She called me back some time later to tell me I was sent a denial letter on Sept. 23. Yes, tell me something I did not know she kept looking and said oh yes, I see something now in October... and that it was in process I should find out in 30 days. Minimed had contacted them directly on October 13  and the rep told me it would take two weeks, this is the second week. So, I got off the phone with Aetna and called up my Minimed rep to tell her. She told me that she had to make a few calls to find out.


    I went on with my day at work and stopped thinking about it. After three denials you lose hope anyway. 


    5pm came and I got all my stuff and left. I got on the phone and my husband called me so we were BS'ing and call waiting was coming in. I looked at the number and I recognized that it was Minimed so I hung up with my hubby and tried to answer it and umm I hung up on the person because I have no idea how to do call waiting on my phone. And I am supposed to be a computer geek. lol Anyway the phone rang right after, so I answered it, I was right it was Minimed.


    Me: Hello? 


    Hi this Beth I am calling on behalf of your rep Angie. 


    Me: Hello, how are you?


    Minimed Rep: I just wanted to tell you that we will be shipping your CGM supplies to your house on Thursday and wanted to be sure this is the correct address.


    Me: What?


    Minimed Rep: We want to make sure your address is correct.


    Me: Yes, I heard you but I just cant believe it. Am I approved?


    Minimed Rep: Yes you are approved.


    Me: Is this a joke? (yes, I really asked her that)


    Minimed Rep: No, your shipment is ready to go we just need you to verify that you live at _____.


    Me: OMG. yes that is my address! OMG this is awesome! I honestly cant believe after 3 times I have been approved!


    Minimed Rep: Congratulations.


    Our conversation ended, and I seriously wanted to jump up and down but, because I was not on the NYC subway but, the Long Island Railroad I had to be quiet. I called my husband back and told him, then my mom, then I texted all the people that I knew with diabetes in my phone. 


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    My dad was picking me up from the train and I saw him in the car with a huge smile, I got in the car and we gave each other a high five! He said YOU DID IT! I said yes,  I did it. I told him now I still have to help the rest of the people that are fighting. 


    Just because I was approved, does not mean I will not continue to help all of you who have been denied for a Continuous Glucose Monitor. 


    If you are still fighting please join the CGM Anti-denial Website to find out how can get more information on how to win your appeal and sign the CGM Anti-Denial Petition we can do it! Together!


    Fight, Fight and Fight. If you want more information from me please email me at gina (dot) capone @ gmail (dot) com


Published On: October 22, 2008