A Look at the Continuous Glucose Monitor

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • In case you didn't know I have been fighting to get a Continuous Glucose Monitor for almost a year. It has been the most frustrating thing besides keeping my blood sugars in control I have ever dealt with. ::wink::


    My previous insurance carrier denied my claim... 3 times. On the last denial, I was laid off from my job so I could not continue to pursue the appeal process yet again. I then went on my husbands plan. Who had the same exact  insurance carrier that I previously had. Ugh, I didn't want to go through another year of fighting but, I was prepared to keep fighting. So, I called up my CDE and told her. She said this could be a good thing. I replied: Yea, Right! I was already in the "I lost hope" frame of mind.

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    She took my new insurance info and a couple of days later a Minimed Representative called me to say they were taking over my case. Umm OK? They asked me a bunch of questions and then said I would know in a couple of weeks the status of the claim. That was October 13.


    Exactly a week later, I got another call to tell me I was APPROVED for the CGMS. I was very excited but, I still did not believe it.




    Friday... when I opened the Medtronic Minimed box to find my Sensors and Transmitter and information packet. I was pinched, but this time it really hurt because it was actually real. I was not dreaming.


    What a fight, a fight that is totally worth it. Please do not stop fighting, if you want this you can do it. It takes a lot of work. Don't give up.


    Sign the CGM Anti-Denial Petition and Join the website to help you get information on how to get covered.


    We can do this.


Published On: October 26, 2008