Preparing to the Use a Continuous Glucose Monitor

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  • I have to say since last friday I have been so freakin' excited that I will be getting hooked up to my Continuous Glucose Monitor. One that is mine, that's right I don't have to give it back after 5 days. FINALLY! Holy Cow! I still can't believe it. It honestly feels like I am 5 years old waiting for Christmas to open all of my presents. Except, I already opened them. haha.


    The Minimed box has been sitting next to me for 6 days! And everyday I look at the box and smile. Then I open it up read the directions. I think I have read them like 50 times. I take the transmitter out and look at it. I put it back. I walk away, then I go back and I look at it again. Ok, maybe I am a bit weird. It looks like  a mini mushroom. It's so weird to look at it and think that that little thing is going to be the source of all my information. So crazy. 

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    Really, it has been so tough to not just try to hook it up on my own. I mean it looks relatively easy. I have used it before, and did everything except inject it myself. I guess I have waited this long what is another six days. 


    6 days passed very fast and tomorrow I have an appointment at 8am with my CDE to train me on how to inject the transmitter/sensor, and give me more in depth information on what to do. A W E S O M E!!!


    I know that being on a CGM isn't always easy. That it takes a lot of work and patience. I know it alarms a lot in the middle of the night and sometimes for no reason. I know that I am going to want to take it off and probably step on it, or maybe even want to throw it at a wall. Yes, I have heard all the possible horror stories but, I have also heard a lot of great ones too. 


    I am so psyched. This is going to be an unbelievable experience. One that I have been longing for so long. I hope that the trending information will help me reach my A1c goal of 6.5, so that I can take the next step with my husband in trying for a baby within the next year or so. But, more importantly that it will help me reach my goal of living a long healthy life with no complications. 


    Hopefully, you will all keep coming back to read about my experiences with the CGM. Come back tomorrow and I will post some pics, and tell you about the hook up! 


    See ya soon!

Published On: October 29, 2008