First Time Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor

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  • Hooked on CGMS works for me! Sorry couldn't resist. (Think. Hooked on phonics, I hope you know what I am talking about if  not feel really stupid right now lol) Maybe that was a poor attempt of a play on words.  ha ha lol



    So, Today I had my CGM training appointment with my CDE this morning at 8am. Last night, I couldn't sleep because I was so anxious about it.


    I prepared for this morning by making sure I had all of the items in the box ready to put in my work bag to bring with me to the appointment. I even called Minimed to make sure that the transmitter was fully charged because the light went off and I was not positive  it was actually charged. I was not taking any chances. Yes... I was getting hooked up to the CGM and nothing was stopping me from it being today! lol

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    My dad took me to the CDE office this morning because my husband had to go to work and I was going to work right after the appointment. I needed a lift! So good ol' dad to the rescue.


    I got in to the office and my heart started beating a little bit. Yea, I was very excited. She asked me if I was ready. Ummm yes! I even gave a little jump. Yippee!


    I already knew most of the drill. Everything, but the part where I have to inject the sensor into my abdomen. Ugh the part I am dreading. She went slow. Telling me that I had to use two of my fingers to hold the sensor into place into the serter. Then making sure I take the cover off the needle, taking off the tape, pulling the skin a little tight to make sure the serter is at the right angle. OMG I have to inject now.


    Ok here we go











    It didn't hurt.



    I took off the rest of the tape. Yes, there are two different tape sections. I put on the transmitter then the IV 3000 protective tape. A couple of more things to program in the pump. And I was ready to roll. Me and my CDE gave a high five at the end. She's like TA DA that's it!


    Holy Cow, I am pumping and Sensoring? Gotta think of a cool term for CGM'ing? I dunno...maybe that is a good topic discussion for my next blog. Thinking up a cool term for CGM users. Ok, maybe not! lol


    Well, for the last 20 minutes my CGM says I am consistently at 88-90 so, I am gonna give it a check on the finger to make sure I am not dropping. I think that it is pretty damn cool that at any time during the day I can just look at my pump and see what my number is. Ok, so maybe I am a bit obsessed already because I check it every 5 minutes. You would too. Trust me.


    It is the greatest day of my life, (well maybe the second greatest, getting married to my husband is the best).


     I feel like from this day forward, everything is going to get better regarding my diabetes management. My goal of an A1c of 6.5 feels more realistic now. This tool is going to give me the chance to live longer and so much healthier. But, it is not going to work without "me" working hard at it. I will make sure that I write things down, and send the data to my doctor and diabetes team so they will be able to help me to make all of  the necessary adjustments through my pump and diet.


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    I realize this is a piece of machinery and It won't be an easy task all of the time. But, I am going to work as hard as I can at this, and make it the best possible experience.


    I am so ready for this ride, and I hope you all are going to take it with me!


    I will be changing my CGM sensor in 5 days. That should be interesting considering I won't have a CDE telling me exactly how to do it. There will be a post and pics! (sorry I didn't have any pics this time around. I felt weird asking my CDE to take pics of the whole thing)


    Till the next post!







Published On: October 30, 2008