Continuous Glucose Monitor: Getting Accustomed to the Noise

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • So today is exactly 4 days since I was hooked up to my CGM.


    The first two days were running great, my blood sugar finger pokes were matching the CGM all day.


    Until...the second night on Friday night. Oh lord. The beeping and buzzing kept me and my husband up most of the whole night. I had gone out to dinner and had a high carb meal for dinner and my settings for the CGM are set for anything over 250 and lower than 80 to start alarming.


    I am a really heavy sleeper so my husband kept shaking me to tell me that its been beeping. Babe....babe....babe....WWHHHHHHHAT!!! I HATE BEING WOKEN UP! Dude leave me the #$%#$% alone lol Its beeping!! Alrighttttt already!

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    I have to admit I was ignoring the beeps at one point because I was running pretty high. I took my insulin and had to wait a while before all that beeping of over 250 stopped.


    Finally, some zzzZZZzzzz's. Ahhhh... peace and quiet. Its like 6am at this point though. I am glad it alarmed me though because without this I would not have known I was in the high 200-300 all night.


    A nice note: if you eat a high carb dinner meal be fore-warned that your CGM will beep and buzz all night long. I suggest that you try to get as close to guessing how much you eat at that meal so you aren't up all night long.


    I will be doing some trial and error during the next couple of weeks so I will try to post as much as I can about the good the bad and the ugly of CGM'ing and to be as honest as I can to show you all how it's working for me!


    See ya!

Published On: November 02, 2008