How to Change the Sensor to Your Continuous Glucose Monitor

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  • Last night I had to change the sensor to my CGM. I was dreading it.  1. because the needle is huge and 2. because the needle is huge. I hate those freakin' needles seriously someone needs to do something about that.


    Anyway, I went step by step. Did exactly what my CDE explained to me a week earlier at my CGM training. I remembered it all. I even remembered to take off the needle guard! In training I almost forgot that part. That could have hurt. 


    I got out the injector and put the sensor inside



    Then I alcohol swabbed my skin



    got the injector ready to pierce the skin 

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    Pulled out the needle



    after I pulled out the needle my sensor looked like this



    Ok, What the? I did everything correctly...


    It was 130am and I actually decided to call Minimed to see if this was normal and if I should leave it in or take it out. Sensors are not cheap. I really didn't wan't to take it out if I didn't have to.


    The MM tech told me that If I would have applied pressure right away the bleeding wouldn't have schpoozed out the way it did and I could have left it in but, of course the Tech told me I had to pull it out and yes, I wasted a sensor. 




    Ugh. Whatever.  I didn't get upset just a little annoyed, because I wanted to have a perfect sensor changing record and it was already screwed up on the FIRST ATTEMPT!! LOL


    I was proud of myself regardless, because I was scared and I got through it! The second attempt went much better! 





    The pictures look a lot  scarier than it actually was.

Published On: November 04, 2008