D-Blog Day 2008: Community Involvement for Diabetes Awareness

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  • I had an emotional roller coaster of a diabetes year.


    I took over The Diabetes OC in July and had some amazing scheduled chats in the DTF Chat room. I was asked to start blogging over at MyDiabetesCentral.


    Last winter, I tried to get a CGM and continually got denied for it. After hearing tons of denial stories I decided, Hey! we can do something about this. Why should we all have to sit back and just keep getting denied? So, I started the CGM Anti-Denial Petition that will be sent to all major health insurance medical directors in November 2008. It was acknowledged by Minimed, JDRF, and all major diabetes social networks, Tudiabetes, Diabetes Daily, Children with Diabetes just to name a few. We all came together as a community to help fight. I finally was approved two weeks ago. I then saw more happenings of community involvement between Tudiabetes and Diabetes Daily trying to get a Diabetes Doodle on google, and Diabetic Rockstar fighting to help people get diabetes supplies, we also saw the parents of Children with Diabetes raise their voices to get a Hannah Montana episode pulled. And the community at Islet.org started an email campaign that went around to help the researchers at Living Cell Technologies get New Zealand to agree to allow human clinical trials of Xenotransplantation which is a huge milestone in diabetes research.

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    We also came together offline/real-time lol to meet at the DRI Update in New York City...


    Fran Carpentier, Amy Tenderich, Allison Blass, Scott Strumello, Bernard Farrell,Kelly Kunik, Lee Ann Thill, Karen (forgot her last name) The Self Taught Knitter, Val Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Low


    ...and at the JDRF Promise Ball at the Waldorf Astoria.


    Fran Carpentier, Kerri Morrone, Gina Capone




    Kerri Morrone, Gina Capone, Allison Blass


    This year was a special one. Our voices are getting louder as our community continues to grow. We stand together, We stand proud.


    It has been an honor to be a part of community that makes things happen.


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Published On: November 09, 2008