World Diabetes Day 2008: Supporting Newly Diagnosed Diabetics in Need

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • Today, the diabetes community is rallying for World Diabetes Day (WDD). We are Lighting up buildings, houses, and even National Landmarks in blue to create Diabetes Awareness.


    Today is the day the whole world comes together to unite for diabetes.


    I am happy that we all are coming together to fight for awareness. But, saddened by what I see in the world around us. On my way to work everyday I walk through Grand Central Station and everyday see a bunch of people sitting on the benches. They look like you and I, except they are homeless. As every day passes I wonder, How many of them have diabetes? How many of them are close to dying because of their situation at hand? This is happening all over the United States, and also all around the World. We as americans can do better than this. How can we all still lend a hand to those in need even as our economy is in crisis. We need to help our children and adults with Type 1 diabetes all over the world.

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    This past July '08, I started the CGM Anti-Denial Petition for people that have been continuously denied by insurance companies for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. The goal was to get at least 2000 signatures by World Diabetes Day.


    Here we are on World Diabetes Day I am happy to announce that we have 2,430 signatures we surpassed our goal! I am working with the JDRF to get the petition in the right hands. I will let you all know the progress on that in the coming weeks. This turned out to be an incredible success, and for this I am grateful for each and every signature. Please note: that I will not be ending the CGM-Anti Denial Campaign, I urge you all to keep sending the petition link to everyone you know to get insurance to mandate this. You can also join the CGM-Anti Denial Website for updates.


    New Grassroots Project This November for World Diabetes Day 2008, I would like the community to come together to start an ongoing grassroots project to help Diabetic Rockstar's Non-Profit — Fight It!, a charity dedicated to uninsured, financially struggling and newly diagnosed diabetics.


    Do you need financial help? If you need help there is a Request Aid button on the website where someone will contact you personally from Fight and will review it on a case-by-case basis.


    What can you do All i'm asking for you to do is try and donate one bottle of strips, lancets, a poking device, or meter. We all have extra supplies we don't use. Why not help a person in need? They also have a donate button on their website if you wish to monetarily donate. No man, woman or child should die of diabetes. Let's help anyway we can!


    Contact information for sending supplies to Fight It

    Diabetic Rockstar

    PO Box 20503 New York, NY 10021

    For more information on how to help Diabetic Rockstar go to

Published On: November 14, 2008