Sensor Error: When Blood Sugar Monitors Stop Working

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • Sunday, I got an alert on my CGM that the sensor ended. That is a normal alert. It means I must change out my sensor in my body to put in a new one. (in case you couldn't figure it out lol)


    My CDE suggested that I put the sensor in the night before, right before bed so that it will get its "feet wet" so to speak? Yes, we know sensors don't have feet! lol So, I prepped myself and then injected the new sensor and let it sit overnight. I woke up the next day took my shower, then hooked up my transmitter to the sensor site. Proceeded off to work to have a wonderful day of crazy blood sugars! haha

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    After sitting at my desk for an hour I start hearing beeping from my CGM pal. Oh, whats wrong little sensor poo? I look at my pump and blaring at me is  SENSOR ERROR! ok, why? I then called MM to find out the solution. They told me to wait till it asks me for a METER BG NOW. So I do. I enter my blood sugar to calibrate. I start seeing blood sugars 94, 90, 72 and the beeping continues. I check my BS with my finger to see if maybe I am dropping or something. I didn't feel low? WTF?


    My blood meter says 129. OK. now what?


    I didn't feel like calling MM so I call my trusted CDE. She is the best. Actually, they are the best there is more than one and they are both  A W E S O M E!


    She told me to shut down the sensor for a couple of hours. But, not to eat right before I am going to hook up again so that it won't have flucuating blood sugars because it will make the CGM inaccurate.


    Here I am and it is 12am and as I am writing this post I realized that I took a shower when the CGM sensor did not have the transmitter on it. So, I think that maybe it was my fault because it got wet. SH*T! I still have not re-hooked up  the sensor yet.


    I am going to put in a new one. Lets hope this one gives me no errors!


    A little side note: The CGM is working out really well for me. It is almost on target every time with my blood meter. My 30 day average went down from 190-163!! I am writing about all experiences with my CGM good and bad!

Published On: November 18, 2008