Diabetes Tips: Calibrating Your Sensor

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  • The other night I finally got my carelink usb working on my father in laws PC, and I uploaded about a month's worth of CGM/pump data.


    Please Note: The carelink is through Minimed only. It does not work on a macintosh which I have. I tried downloading the carelink on my husbands computer as well but because he has Windows Vista it did not work on there either. Minimed really needs to get something working for all computers. It became very frustrating because I have been trying to download the data for weeks.


    Holy Cow.


    The data was unbelievable. You can actually see all of the crazy trends of how stress and food affects you during the day. I noticed from looking at the graphs that I am still having major night time trouble. I go really high at night during bedtime hours and then it plummets in the morning hours. I would upload a photo of it but I can't access the data information on my macintosh ::wink,wink:: I will try to download it on my husbands computer later today and put it up as a second post.

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    Overall, I am really liking the CGM it has really seemed to be on target most of the time. Except for some Cal Errors I have been getting. I was told by a Minimed tech about a new calibration factor which is working like a charm I am going to share it with you all now.


    The Calibration Factor for Minimed users only

    If your Blood sugar divided by ISIG number = 1.5-20 you should calibrate your sensor.


    Lets just say your ISIG NUMBER on your pump is 10 (you can find your isig number in the Sensor Status Screen by pressing ESC 4 times.)


    and your blood sugar is 100


    your calibration factor number becomes 10 that number is between 1.5-20 so you can calibrate.


    Anything below 1.5 or higher than 20 after diving the two is not recommended for calibrating your sensor.


    I have been doing this for over a week and it has kept my sensor readings and finger pocks almost identical.


    I hope my tip helps you for your calibrations.


    Let me know if it does by posting a comment here!

Published On: November 23, 2008