Maintaining Your Insulin Level During Thanksgiving Dinner

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • This year's Turkey day was loads of fun and a carb fest.


    We started off with appetizers (shrimp, pigs in a blanket, homemade quiche, cheeses there was more but I forget)


    Then we took a break and took some funny cousin photos



    After our craziness, I proceeded to check my blood sugar from all of the carbs from appetizers. (If you can't see the number it says 240.)



    I took some insulin and then went over to the dining area where all the food was laid out so pretty.





    My blood sugars were running a bit high so I cut back on my carbs and only had a little bit.

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    after dinner we all made gingerbread houses...



    Me and my partners was the one on the left. Our house wasn't staying up for some reason so my uncle tied saran wrap  around it. haha. Even still I thought it came out pretty cool considering the circumstances hahaha



    I did another check on the CGM and I was holding steady at 240. NICE.


    It could have been the M&Ms. :)


    And I did get in trouble from the diabetes police on that one. Overall, my bloodsugars were pretty high all day. Which was to be expected. I checked and bolused, I checked and bolused. And in the middle of the night my blood sugar dropped to 46. Ah the life of a person with diabetes...Ain't it fun? Welcome to the holiday season!!!


    One last pic...The Diabetes Police all together for a family pic lol



    Happy Holidays!

Published On: November 30, 2008