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  • So, this week I went to the doctor for my three month checkup. I went for blood work the week before and I was really excited to see my A1c result. My appt. was at 8am Tuesday morning and the night before all I could think about was my test results. (Yes, I really did stay up thinking about it.)


    Anyway I got there bright and early and chipper. My doc was excited to see me. He says to me "Is it really you?" Yessss... So, the the first thing he says is how great I look and I say thanks. So, I'm like A1c results come in? He looks yes they did. OK, what is it!!!


    Doc: 7.9


    Me: Are you serious?

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    Oh man... I was so disappointed. My A1c three months ago was 7.4 and I have honestly been trying SO HARD to get my levels down. I have the CGM so I have every tool to help me now I thought it would have been lower. I honestly felt like crying.


    He did make me feel better though. He said "Gina, you have been doing a fantastic job and I am very proud of you, and how far you have come." I have also been having extreme amount of lows lately as well, and he thinks maybe the rebounding highs have something to do with it going a bit higher.


    Even still, it is disappointing especially when you try so hard at it. I am still striving for 6.5 though. The CDE was in on my appointment as well so they both helped to adjust my pump settings and hopefully by next appointment it will be much better.


    I would like to get to at least 7 by next appointment. I just hope that I can. Sometimes it just feels like it will never happen no matter what you do. I am trying to keep positive though.


    7.0 by March lets see if it's possible!

Published On: December 08, 2008