The Low's and High's of Blood Sugar

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • This morning I woke up and my blood sugar was 255. Ouch.

    So I bolused in a correction. I had a baby shower for my cousin's wife at 1pm and I had to get ready. I took a shower got ready and left to pick up my other cousin because she was coming with me. I got to her house at around 12pm. I felt fine. Nothing unusual going on.


    We proceeded to the baby shower. We got to the place in about 40 minutes. Upon arrival my head started hurting, I thought it was because I had not eaten yet. We get inside and I started feeling really shaky. (I think you can see where this is going.) My mom was with me as well, so right away she knew something was up. Are you low? I took out my blood meter and checked.

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    Ugh.. At this point the symptoms are  getting worse by the second. My mom went to a waiter and got me orange juice. It was in one of the 4oz glasses. I drank one glass. My mom was like you want more? I was l ike yea. She got me some more. Honestly, it felt like my blood sugar was never coming up. I checked  again.




    Holy Moly...I was started to feel a little bit dizzy and to be quite frank....scared. I have never been that low, and to be out and have a blood sugar of 30 made me feel uneasy.


    My mom asked me what my blood was and I told her and she got nervous too. 30!


    She got me more juice I totally knew it was overkill but, I did not care. I needed to get rid of the feeling of the low and if I had to have a gallon of juice that is what I was prepared to do at that point.


    After, about a half hour I  started feeling better. And the food started coming out. A little bit later I checked my blood sugar.




    Ugh, you can never win...



Published On: December 14, 2008