Diabetes Mine 2008 Sweepstakes Chocolate Winner

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  • I have been home for the past three days with bronchitis, I haven't left my house except to go to the doctor. I've been feeling really crumby and started to get a little depressed with staying home. 


    Until today, my dad screamed down from upstairs and said "GinAaAaA you got a package!" I am like really? and then realized oh it must be my insulin pump supplies. 


    He brought it down and we both looked. He said what is it? I'm like I have no idea these are not my supplies. So I opened it up, there was A LOT OF PACKAGING. 


    I finally got underneath all of the paper and there was a pretty brown box with red ribbon and inside there was this:


    From Vere Chocolate


    •  Chocolate Almond Clusters

    •  Walnut Brownies

    •  5 Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Bars

    Pure Dark

    Vanilla Bean





    I love, love, love, chocolate. Did I say love? I don't really have an appetite for anything right now so I am going to save it for when I do. That means I will have to hide it from the rest of my family haha!


    I got this cool gift for designing the logo for The 2008 DiabetesMine Holiday Survival Sweepstakes. A big thank you to Amy T of Diabetesmine for letting me be a part of something really cool! And a extra big thank you to the people of Veré Chocolate for giving away such a cool prize. Especially, for a huge chocolate junkie like myself.
    If you haven't checked out the Holiday sweepstakes yet hurry, because it ends on December 29th! There are a lot of cool things to win...Check out this weeks final contest question. The question is at the bottom of the post.




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Published On: December 17, 2008