Gettin' High with Blood Sugar

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  • Before anyone gets mad at me and starts sending me hate notes.. It's NOT what you are thinking hahaha....


    Today, I was IM'ing with a fellow person with diabetes pal of mine George of The B.A.D Blog and we had the start of a really funny conversation I thought I would share our laugh...


    George: Its friday I'm gonna get high!!
    George: like BG of course

    ME: nice lmao
    George: what up with you?
    ME: i got high
    Gina  Capone: this morning twice
    ME: i was high all morning
    George: lol
    George: bg high


    We were obviously talking about high blood sugars. This morning at work I had  some ridiculous highs. I got up at 306 and then bolused in a correction into my pump.Then when I  got to work 255? Ummm...what the? It was a mystery high at that point (I hate mystery highs) because I had not eaten and I ended up almost where I was at when I woke up. Ok, Gina...Take a deep breath, don't get pissed. I bolused in another correction two hours later by lunch... ahhhh a nice 106. Phew!

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    I felt especially happy with that number because IT WAS PIZZA DAY AT WORK!! Whoo hoo! (I would probably "GET HIGH" again later lol) Ok, so sue me I am like a kid sometimes and I can definately be a huge dork when there is a gathering at my job.


    Anyhow, with pizza comes the crazy calculating and "HIGHS" so I tried to be prepared for class today — and did a dual wave bolus on my insulin pump. I calculated 95 carbs for two pieces of pizza and took 70% at the time of eating and 30% to run for a course of 2 hours.


    I hit the 2 hour mark and checked my blood sugar.




    My 70/30 dual wave bolus works like a charm. (note: good for chinese food too!) I didn't get high at all this afternoon! haha


    Anyway, The moral of this story is not to get high LOL. If you do, you are a bolus correction away hahaha!!!




Published On: December 19, 2008