Managing Your Blood Sugar During the High-lidays

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • Well it's that time of year again. The High-lidays!


    We all know that this time of year can be crazy with the sugar highs. We as people with diabetes need to count our carbs, and take our insulin pretty much every 5 minutes during this time of year. (Alright, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration lol)


    Lets rewind to a week before. In my head I said "Gina, this year we are cutting back on sweets and carbs you got our numbers better and we are proud of  our accomplishment of below 8."


    Then it started last week at work when we got our first box of cookies, They had chocolate chip, M&M cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, and two other kinds that were in there I didn't even know what flavor it was but it looked really delish. 

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    I knew they were there and it was eating at me all day. I was really good for a better portion of the day. Then we had a pizza lunch. After lunch the cookie call was louder and louder. Ginaaaa, you know you want to bite into me... Come on Gina we are so scrumptious. I passed them on the way to the ladies room and on the way back... Well, I caved. I chose the M&M cookie, because I felt like I was getting two desserts in one. M&M's and a cookie what is better than that.


    I sunk my teeth into it and I was in heaven. I had not eaten any sweets in a long time and this just tasted like HEAVEN! I was at my desk totally devouring it in like two seconds. The call came back. Ginaaaa... I was fighting myself. That lasted 5 minutes. I went back to the kitchen. HMMM which one do I want.


    Peanut Butter! Yes!




    Listen, it is hard to fight the feeling. I'm serious. I love sweets. Put candy or chocolate near me, you can be sure Gina is eating it lol. I did test a couple of hours later.






    Ok, at least its not some crazy hormonal thing. It's two cookies, that I obviously under bolused for. Two wonderfully homemade delicious cookies that are totally worth a 250! hahaa


    The moral of this particular story, Have a great High-liday and don't forget to bolus!




Published On: December 22, 2008