Benefits of Being a Diabetes Advocate

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  • This year Tudiabetes wanted to thank their members by celebrating through the first annual TuDiabetes Awards 2008. A way to recognize the merit of some of their committed members.


    I won the award for TD Crusader

    The TuDiabetes Crusader: is a member who invests lots of time advocating on behalf of the diabetes community at large.


    I am so excited to have won this! Such a cool award!


    Here is the video from Manny. I am the last award given.

    Find more videos like this on Tu Diabetes - A Community for People Touched by Diabetes


    Also up for grabs were:

    TuDiabetes Un-Certified Educator: a member you have learned so much from that it feels like talking to a diabetes educator… without the certification.

    TuDiabetes Creative Mind: a member who makes super-creative contributions to the community, as part of a contest or not.

    TuDiabetes Geek: a member who comes up with technical answers to problems related to software, gadgets, web sites, etc. that come up in TuDiabetes.

    TuDiabetes Comedian: a member who plain-and-simple makes you laugh with his/her comments and contributions.

    TuDiabetes Life Coach: a member who is there for you (and others) and gives you support and great advice to carry on in the midst of a challenge.

    TuDiabetes Good Eating Fan: a member who advocates for healthy eating… and walks the talk (or rather, eats the talk).

    TuDiabetes Active Lifestyle Fan: a member who sets a good example of exercise as part of our lives and as an important element of diabetes management.


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    Thank you to Manny of Tudiabetes and all the people that nominated me. What a great honor! I will try and keep up the hard work for 2009!!


Published On: December 29, 2008