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  • Have you ever been in a slump? Where it feels like your life just became a blues song? That is how I feel lately. I attempted to write some lyrics for my own personal blues song. I never wrote lyrics before. Please be kind.


    Think blues music going in the background with a guitar, and maybe BB King singing...Are you in the mood now... Here we go...hope you like it


    I woke up this mornin',
    and got in the shower

    then got myself all dressed.


    I took out my meter
    ::ba da dum dum dum::
    I pricked my finger, and dabbed some blood on the strip
    waited a minute,

    and then thats when it happened... Yea, that's right...I said thats when it happened...A 264

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    I got the blues...
    Oh yea yea yea yea yea I got the blues.....I got the blood sugar blues


    Somebody help me,

    Get me a drink

    I am so thirsty

    ::bow wow wow wow::

    My mouth is like cotton

    my skin is so dry...

    I have a headache,

    and my eyes have turned blood red...


    I got the blues...
    yea yea yea yea yea the blues.....the blood sugar blues


    The end of the story,

    No, it ain't gory...

    My insulin kicked right in

    ::ba dum dum dum::


    Now I need no in-su-lyn

    cause' I got low,

    ohhhhh oh oh so low...


    I got the blues...
    yea yea yea yea yea...the blood sugar blues








Published On: December 31, 2008