a1c on the Rise

Gina Capone Health Guide
  • I honestly do not know what is wrong with me lately. I just can't get myself together. My a1c went up from 7.4 to 7.9 last month and ever since then I have been in a downward spiral.


    Just when I was sort getting myself together, I got laid off from my job... AGAIN. It really pissed me off too. That may be means for another blog though.


    I started getting lazy with bolusing and correcting... and my numbers have just been all over the place. The CGM is a great tool but, even that has been getting under my skin. I am just not in a good place right now.


    I feel like I have just dived into the deep end of the pool, and I can't  come up for air or something. I am drowning.

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    Revive me!

Published On: January 12, 2009