The First Sign of Diabetes Complications: Leakage in Your Eye

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  • This past Saturday I went to the eye doctor with my husband. He had made the appointment a long time ago and asked if I wanted to go with him so I said sure. I have not been to the eye doc in about two years. (Yes, shame on me)


    It was not my regular doctor but, I never had problems before so I really wasn't worried. My husband and I arrived and I knew I would have to fill out all the paperwork for a new patient so I was prepared to do so. We sat down and in like 5 minutes they called my name and handed me a clip board full of paperwork and a pen. Just as suspected.


    Name, SSN, DOB bla bla bla Insurer address... bla bla bla Medical History, emergency contact...

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    Done. Filled out.


    They called me in and gave me the standard eye exam. (not with the doctor) She then labeled everything on the paper work in hot pink stickers DIABETIC. Yes, thanks for reminding me.


    The nurse told me she was going to dilate my eyes. Oh boy can't wait for the weird feeling like my eyeballs have been underwater for hours feeling to kick in.


    The doctor comes in.


    I did not like him from the minute he walked in the door. He shook my hand didn't even look me in the "eye". haha


    Doc: You are diabetic?


    Me: Yes. Type 1.


    Doc: How long?


    Me: 8 years.


    Doc: When were you diagnosed?


    Me: November 2000.


    Doc: Ok.


    He comes over makes me look into that eye machine thingie and says my eyes are not fully dilated yet and he has to put more drops in.


    Doc no bedside manner: Tilt.




    I will be back in a few minutes.


    Out he went.


    I am starting to really feel the weirdness in the eye now just as he comes back in the room.


    He checks the backs of my eyes with that blue light you can't look at but you totally want to.


    Then he  tells me they are going to take photos of my eyes and brings me to the "photo taking station".   It is full of eye ball pictures.


    A girl comes in takes the photos and tells me the doctor that I really can't stand will be back in a few to look it over.


    He comes back. I am glad I can't really see him because I really really don't like him. He looks at it, then he looks closer.


    Doc: You have the first sign of diabetes complications.


    Me: Umm... Excuse me? What?


    Doc: You have diabetes in your eyes. I see a small leakage in your right eye.


    Me: Are you serious? I have only had diabetes 8 yrs.


    Doc no skills: It doesn't really matter if your blood sugars are in control or not you can still get Retinopathy. It can go away. I wan't to s ee you in 6 months.


    Me: I am thinking to myself you will never see me again.


    Doc doom: If it doesn't get better or worse in 6 months, the next option is laser surgery. Do you have any questions for me? Here is a pamphlet on Diabetic Retinapothy. It will answer any questions you may have.

    Me thinking to myself again: Ok, if you haven't noticed I just got my eyes dilated and can't see a thing and you are telling me I have retinopathy and should read this pamphlet?


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    Get me the heck out of here.


    He took me to the front desk where I met my husband to pay the co-pay. My husband asked me how it went and I told him I am never coming here again, and that he found something in my right eye and I am going to my regular eye doctor for a second opinion.


    The doctor tells the reception to make me an appointment in 6 months.


    Me thinking to myself: Not in this life.


    The moral of this story. Stay with the doctor you like ALWAYS.


    I will let you know what MY DOCTOR says when I go. Man that was a stressful post!







Published On: January 22, 2009