Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Tapes: Tegaderm, Polyskin II

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  • Ok, when I wanted to sign up to have the continuous glucose monitoring system 24/7, 365 days... I honestly thought this would not be such a hard task. I thought having it was going to solve all of my problems and poof I would start having better control!


    I knew that there were some issues with CGM's and I know it is a piece of machinery and all that. But, lately I have been having so many problems with it. (I am going to be talking to my CDE to get some guidance)


    For instance, the last three times I put a sensor in my body what looks like a never ending stream of blood comes pouring out of the little hole through the plastic part. I have to apply pressure to make it stop. The first time it happened it caused all kinds of calibration errors so I had to pull it out. The next two did not cause any errors.

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    But the next two had their own set of problems. I am having a major tape issue. The IV 3000 tape that I have does not want to stick to my body anymore or it is a defective batch or something. After the first day on both sensors changes the tape starts to bubble up and peel off, and I don't know if the tape coming off has to do with this next problem but the sensor popped out of my body on both occasions.


    I took a photo to show you:

    If you look closely you can see the sensor coming out. Boy did it pinch.



    So I called Minimed the other day and told them the situation they said that they would replace the two sensors that I had to take out and also said they would be sending me a packet of different tapes to try...included was Tegaderm, IV 3000 which I am currently using, Polyskin II, and a liquid adhesive. Along with the packet were IV prep, Unisolve, Skin prep and Protective barrier film? See below photo... Has anyone used any of these?? And what has been your experience with them? Let me know...




    Close up of Liquid Adhesive. My husband asked me if I am supposed to pee in it. hahaha



Published On: January 30, 2009