My CGM Tape Issues

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  • Well everyone, I am hooked back up to my CGM, and with brand new tape! I decided to use the Tegaderm HP tape that came in the package that Minimed sent me yesterday. I used the Skin Prep and the IV prep hoping that the tape would stick.


    This is what it looks like now:



    ISN'T WORKING!!! As you can see the tape is already coming off on the left and also there is dried up blood underneath. I am not sure if I can help that from happening though, unless I am injecting wrong or something. I will be going to see my CDE on Wednesday to see if she can help me out a bit more to get the best out of my CGM use, without me wanting to throw it out the window maybe?

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    I really want to make this work, I think this is just a little bump in the road that I must get over and hopefully it does not make me get a flat tire! haha.


    I have to say though it has been working pretty great today. The bells... they are a ringin'. It has been notifying me of my highs which have pretty much been all day.  I have been correcting all day.


    But that is because umm..


    ::ALERT, Alert this is going to be TMI::


    I am going to be having my monthly friend over for a visit  soon if ya catch my drift. So, I tend to run a bit higher prior to her actual visit. (god, I hope my dad, and his friends didn't just read that! HI DAD, AND FRIENDS UGH!)


    Anyway, I will let you all know how my CDE visit goes on Wednesday and if she has any tips and tricks to make the tape stay put.


    To be continued...



Published On: January 30, 2009