Having a Romantic Sugar Free Valentine's Day

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  • Love is in the air! Ahh can you smell the sweetness. My blood sugar just sky rocketed just thinking about chocolate kisses and heart shaped boxes of candy from Whitman's!

    I have to say I am especially excited about Valentine's Day this year because it will be my first Valentine Celebration as a married woman!  I was just married last April. My husband and I will be dining out and enjoying a romantic evening alone. A night filled with love, candles and.... well lets leave that off this blog post!


    If you have diabetes, Valentine's Day can sometimes be mentally draining especially for a person like me, who has an extremely bad sweet tooth. My husband and I don't usually exchange candies but, it is all around me and it's hard not to give in to temptation. So, when going for some chocalately goodness I will check the back of the box or candy wrapper for a food label to see how many pieces are in a serving, and what the carb and fat  content is. Then I will figure out how much insulin I should take to cover the serving.

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    In case you wanted to know 4 pieces of Whitman's Chocolate Sampler are 27g of Carbohydrates and 12g of fat. This is not the sugar free kind.


    I don't really like to eat sugar free products because they really add all kinds of products to make it taste like sugar and in the end it is just better to have the real thing in moderation. Plus, sugar-free products can give you a really bad stomach ache and you don't want to be in the bathroom all night when you are trying to have a nice romantic evening with that special someone. :)

    For me I just try to stay away from candy all together. Who can stop at just one piece of delicious goodness? I know I can't!

    But, there are other alternatives to having a great Valentine's day without it being geared around or involving any kind of chocolate and candies at all.

    Here are some of my suggestions:
    Romantic dinner with lots of flowers, candles and great music playing
    Take a long walk holding hands
    Broadway Show
    Dinner and dancing
    Non candy gifts like: gift cards to his/her favorite store, Ipod, Jewelry, perfume or cologne

    Or you can do absolutely nothing and just be with each other. That is my most favorite thing to do with my husband. You can really get creative if you think about it! WINK, WINK...



    Valentine's day does not have to be a day people with diabetes dread because of candy. It is a day to share with your significant other to show them how much you love them. (By the way if you love your partner you shouldn't only tell them just on Valentine's Day you should tell and show them how much you care everyday! )

    Well hopefully some of my tips will help you to have a great Valentine's Day!

    I hope you will write me to let me know how your Valentine's day went. Remember don't give me too much information though.


Published On: February 12, 2009