Medtronic Announces Special Message for Deltec Insulin Pump Users

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  • Smiths Medical announced a couple of weeks ago that they would be discontinuing their Deltec Cozmo insulin pump. In an effort to help, Medtronic Minimed has decided to lend a hand to people affected by this decision.

    They have launched the Medtronic Cares Program.

    What is the Medtronic Cares Program?

    Program Offering:  Beginning April 3rd, in-warranty Deltec customers will be offered the revolutionary Paradigm REAL-Time System - the world's only insulin pump powered by real-time continuous glucose monitoring - at a reduced price. 


    The promotional package includes:

    A recertified Medtronic Paradigm(r) 522 or 722 insulin pump ( I have had a Minimed pump for 7 years.)

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            1. 30 days of supplies (1 box infusion sets, 1 box reservoirs, 1 insertion device)
            2. A two-year insulin pump warranty

    •  How It Works: To help offset out-of-pocket expenses, Medtronic will offer a trade-in credit for any in-warranty Deltec pump, as well as the option for patients to work off additional expenses by answering four customer surveys over a 12-month period.

    Eligibility: This promotion is intended to assist in-warranty Deltec insulin pump customers affected by the exit of Smiths Medical from the diabetes market.

    Enrollment: For more information on this program, including additional qualification requirements, contact Medtronic on the Web at You can Minimed at 1-800 MiniMed (800-646-4633), Option 6.


    To find out more information about Medtronic Minimed products visit their website at


Published On: April 03, 2009