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Sysy Morales Health Guide
  • My name is Sysy Morales.  I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 16 years ago at the age of 11.  My youngest sister, Ana was diagnosed at age 3 just a few months before me.  I prayed for her diabetes to go away even if it meant that I would take it on.  So you can imagine my delight when I began feeling the symptoms of diabetes while sitting in 6th grade science class.  My little sister would be cured!  Obviously, I soon realized she and I would both be stuck with type 1 diabetes.


    I didn't do so well with my diabetes management for over 10 years.  This led to a huge emotional burden and depression.  These were not happy times.

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    Several years ago I began eating healthier, exercising more, and thinking more positively.  With a little patience I lost weight, my cholesterol and blood pressure dropped to normal levels, and my A1c dropped to around 5% where it regularly stays.


    All aspects of my life quickly improved.  I got married and soon after became pregnant with twins.  My really challenging pregnancy ended in success.  I could hardly believe how far I had come and I attribute all of this to having improved my diabetes management and my attitude about living with this disease. 


    As soon as my children were born I decided to start my blog: to share my journey with others.


    I gave up my career to stay home with my son and daughter.  Now I'm a freelance writer and health activist and I am passionate about advocating for people with diabetes.


    I look forward to sharing with you here at HealthCentral and welcome any feedback.







Published On: April 12, 2011