Paradigm Shift Healthy Eating Into the Norm

Sysy Morales Health Guide
  • Why is it so hard to sustain “healthy eating” habits?


    Is healthy eating easy?  It depends on who you ask although you'll find plenty of people who say it's hard for all sorts of reasons.


    Is healthy eating good for your health? It's probably difficult to find evidence against this.


    Is healthy eating embarrassing not to do? Not when so many people do it.


    I’ve just realized there may be more supported reasons for people to brush their teeth than eat healthy everyday.


    We brush our teeth every day for health, to avoid embarrasment, because it's easy, and because everyone else does it.

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    If you fall into the, “it’s not easy to eat healthy and I don’t want to do it” camp then what you need is a complete change in your thinking. I know it can be done.  I had a hard time making dietary changes because my family looked at me like I was crazy to have chicken and vegetables for dinner but because being healthier benefited me so much I found it totally worthwhile.


    I find that society makes it challenging to turn down a hotdog or an icecream sundae.  I have been called a health nut just for trying to improve my diet.  I still eat dessert sometimes and I have a piece of chocolate every day.  And yet, somehow I'm seen as strange for enjoying raw veggies as a late night snack.  We need to change the way we think about these lifestyle decisions.  We need to make it socially acceptable to say no to a food we personally don't do well with.  We need to make it easy for others to skip seconds if that is what they really want.  We need to ask our grocers to stock more fresh fruits and vegetables if our town's selection is poor because a demand results in a supply. 


    A paradigm shift is a change in a perception about something.  If we start to all perceive healthier food choices as a respectable option we'll support eat other in our quest for better health.  I'm really headstrong but sometimes buckle at the pressure from others to go ahead and have another slice of pizza.  Only, later I'm the one dealing with the consequences of that decision. 


    Let's make it easier for all of us to make better choices while never judging each other for the times we want to splurge.  This means that when someone you know mentions they want to stop eating a certain food, we support them.  When they want to stop going to fast food joints, we respect their decision.  And when we want to do something like take a daily walk, we'll have people who reciprocate the respect and help us stay motivated instead of help pull us away from our goals.


    It does me no good to have friends that say, "You're going to be fine, don't be so picky about your health" because I have diabetes.  My diabetes requires I be picky about my health.  Maybe not today but eventually it matters.  That is why I encourage everyone to help make our society one where the healthy choice is the easy one-for all of our sakes.

Published On: April 27, 2011