Struggling with Diabetes: When Hope is the Last Thing to Go

Sysy Morales Health Guide
  • I'm American but I'm originally from South America - I was born in Venezuela.  We have a saying that translated into English says, "Hope is the last thing to go".  I often think about that.  I find that hope is one of the most powerful things on earth.  When people are in great danger, suffering, miserable, or sick, they focus on hope. 


    I try to remember this as a type 1 diabetic during those times when I feel burned out and unmotivated for anything diabetes related.  I remind myself that when my energy has run out and my motivations aren't clear and I'm completely overwhelmed, I still have hope.  It's there underneath all of the pain and worry.  It's there telling me that maybe tomorrow will be better.  It's there when I'm afraid of what my high and low blood sugars will do to me.  Hope always leans towards something positive and uplifting and that is why it's so powerful. 

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    What do people do when they absolutely run out of hope?  Why, awful things.  It's such a tragedy that anyone ever has to feel that way at all.  We can all tell stories from our past that are full of sadness and what usually happens?  Change.  Things change and hard times pass or alleviate.  And yes, good times eventually get interrupted but they will return once again.  It's a cycle that keeps us on our toes.  We feel grateful and euphoric when things take a turn for the better and perhaps we wouldn't feel so much if things were always going our way. 


    For those of you out there struggling with diabetes, I urge you to let your hope lead the way.  Go ahead and let it light your path.  Never feel foolish for dreaming and wishing wonderful things to come your way.  They will as long as you keep your hope alive.  Remember diabetes is a journey and not a destination.  Diabetes management is an ongoing process we have to upkeep.  Honestly, I've only made it this far because when I bottomed out emotionally or physically, I felt hope that I'd be able to pick myself off and do better.  And I chose to believe it.  And I did do better.  I'd hate to know where I'd be had I given up.

Published On: May 09, 2011